Sayre Therapeutics was founded in 2015 backed by leading global venture capital firms (VCs), one of which is premiere investor in successful healthcare start-ups in India and the other is Asia’s largest healthcare management group. The team boasts 25 years of global executive experience in leading Pharmaceuticals, Medical Diagnostics & Devices companies. Sayre Therapeutics has been identified as a high potential healthcare company with a pedigree team with proven wins and robust clinician network in the Oncology / Immunology space. The company is uniquely positioned with a first-mover advantage, which allows for it to quickly create a portfolio of differentiated global assets in emerging markets.

Our geographic footprint will cover India, South East Asia and SAARC countries which are witnessing a high growth rate across the disease areas of interest.

Sayre Therapeutics with its focused strategy, strong financial backing and established relationships with clinicians and regulatory know-how, will be nimble, allowing for faster acquisitions of assets and revenue ramp-ups in identified markets. To that end, Sayre will prove to be a committed partner to licensors for their global assets.