RasCaseTM  Rasburicase Injection (r-DNA origin) 1.5 mg

Sayre Therapeutics offers clinicians an FDA approved option to manage Tumor Lysis Syndrome

  • Indication: FDA approved for the prevention and treatment of Tumor Lysis Syndrome(TLS).
  • Formulation: Rasburicase Injection
  • RasCaseTMis:
    • an offering for hematologists and medical oncologists to manage TLS
    • backed by evidence from International trials and an Indian Phase III trial with 100 patients published in Indian Journal of Cancer
  • TLS is:
    • a condition in which tumor cells release their contents into bloodstream either spontaneously or in response to chemotherapy
    • most common in rapidly growing hematologic malignancies, but has been reported in virtually every cancer type
    • Prevention is the key as management can be difficult and can potentially even lead to treatment in an Intensive Care Unit(ICU)

For more information regarding RasCase TM, please contact your local Sales Representative or email us at info@sayretherapeutics.com.


“ Rascase results are terrific, you can see the uric acid levels decreasing from the first dose” – Medical Oncologist, Delhi